We are not marketers

We do not focus on selling brands, we create lingering and emotional memories . We are brand storytellers.

We are not consultants

We won’t leave you with clean hands and feet, we would dive into the dirt with you. We are your Co-creators.

We are not employers

The freedom of creative expression is often limited by rules. We simply don’t employ people, we seek partnership.

We are not famous

We are underdogs, misfits, outcasts and geniuses who never get misguided or snotty by our achievements.

The nude story

Seeds of creativity

The nude tale can not be warped in a single emotional euphoria, for it is beyond the subjective nature of words. It is so powerful, yet humble. It is understandable, but often misinterpreted. The story is the most re-written piece that has emanated from different timeline, culture and language, but it is still ever relevant, practical and vibrant. The absence of the story is the absence of light, and the absence of light is the absence of life.

The nude story entails knowledge, truth and sacrifice. It sits on the throne of nature, docile yet active. It radiates the element of continuity in the simplest form. The active force of creation gives rise to our philosophy which is woven into the fabric of our organization. Love is the heart of creativity, it is the magical potion that intoxicates the creator to birth a thought, which is the artistic power of the universe. 

The will of love is the power that inspires the nude story. The positive imagination which give objective forms to yield subjective ideas, concepts and insights are subconsciously induced by the nude story, and we convert such glory into experiential mediums for the creator and his creation. We tell compelling stories that arouse emotions, fuel discussions and propel actions which seeds the love of the creator into the hearts of the people. 


nud exp limited | arouse your interest.

Life is a journey through time, relationship and experience. Our happiness depends not just on money, status or knowledge, but it often happens when we share life’s journey with friends, families and strangers.

Olaolu Ogundeji