My Darkness Concealed, My Shadow Self Embraced

My Darkness Concealed, My Shadow Self Embraced

A nude mind wrote this piece in 2012 for his first job interview at a brand strategy agency. He was given the title name, and was told to submit an article in less than 48hours. He definitely got the job, and made them believe he was truly nude.


In my realization of existence

Grappling to understand the mechanics of this form

My struggle to control was subdued by a controlled struggle

Like ripples, I observed a ring pattern

Cords of life’s phases interwoven for the flexibility of a universal process

The ultimate intent I knew I was never going to uncover

All I had was all I had been designed to have

In the restlessness of my being lay a Lilliputian army of abilities

Sun, Moon, Ocean and Space

They greeted me with disguised mockery

With a mastered art of ventriloquism, the words stranger and brother became a sort of taunt chant

I felt comfortable in my projection of naivety

For I had shrouded my curiosity with vulnerability

I had created wisdom under my influence

An orgy of my thoughts had mutated my understanding of place

Will, Choice, Imagination and Interpretation were my weapons

Explore and Recreate

I made end my origin

Living backwards and trouncing nature in its conceived boulevard

Source and Resource

Live and Alive

Born and Reborn

New and Anew

In an instructed descent, I was not going to condescend

From a world I seeped into,

I birthed a millipede of patriotic surrogates

But their numbness was irritable

Like burning drops to quench thirst, I asked

Reveal yourself you hidden principalities

I shall not humble my precious consciousness by your installed subconsciousness

I have perceived your picture of enslaved originality

I am whole by default

I exist on a quantum level beyond plagiarism

Your Illusion of my tenancy in life, I engineered to be a continuum in the afterlife

For your secrets were born in like and as

An inverse rationale of occasion

Discoveries of darkness being an abundance of light

In reaching for what I did not understand

I lost my understanding of what there was

We are here now in where

And the journey to there is never going to be near

Until we can converse in mere and share our fear

We would always be driven to dare what’s dear

A truce proposal from my inception core

My Darkness Concealed, My Shadow Self Embraced.”


By Mobolaji Caxton-Martin