No gloves, no protection.

Explore our secure portal with your bare hands.

















Hello, we are the nude minds and welcome to our portal.

We are storytellers who share the journey of love between creators and their creation. 



Who are the nude minds?

Here are four quick ways to identify us 

Haute Couture


We hate Mannequins! The ready-made dresses were specifically never made for us. We prefer our local fashion designers to kit us up, rather than wear mass-products.

Time travel


Our insightful works are timeless. We have perfected the style of travelling through time, that we relate to it as an idea enhancer. We might grow up, but we never grow old.  

Hand jobs


From the hand-carved statues, to the ingenious abstract paintings, the craftsmen usually give the brand flaws, depth and creativity. We simply and convincingly just love hand jobs. 

Water Factor


Our minds are of a structured form, yet fluid in nature. We are open to criticism, appraisal and empathy. Our water element spurs our creativity, intelligence and pliancy.